There’s a cheesy saying in the physical therapy world:

“Motion is lotion.”

Here’s where you’ll find articles and videos on Kettlebell training, corrective exercise, and mobility training.

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Workout | Kettlebell Burn

CAUTION: Be sure to consult your health care provider before beginning any new exercise or workout program. The guidance in this article and accompanying video are not meant to replace real-life, in-person training with a certified kettlebell coach.  Improper technique can cause injury in any form of movement, so use caution! If you have any doubt […]

Fit Life Therapy Kettlebell

Summer Kettlebell Training

NEW! Kettlebell Training! Hosted by: Results Fitness Rx, 6015 Galley Rd., Co Springs, 80915 Saturdays ~ 6/27, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 11:00am-11:30am: Intro/Review the one arm swing and clean** 11:40am-12:15pm: Kettlebell Burn!  Push, pull, swing, and otherwise lift kettlebells for a quick full-body fat-burning workout!  Kettle-beginners welcome! 12:15pm-1:00pm: Want more? Stick around to work on specific […]

Fit Life Therapy Kettlebell Swing

The Right Way to Swing a Kettlebell

Choosing the wrong kettlebell swing can ruin your set. Example: The pendulum swing moves heavy weight for longer sets without sapping your energy, but you won’t be breaking any speed records. If you’re shooting for a high rep count, you’ll need to move a tad quicker. The hip hinge swing moves the same weight quickly, but […]

Kettlebell Clean Rack

The Kettlebell Clean

Up until I met my first Kettlebell in 2008, the word “clean” only had one definition and I’d do just about anything to avoid it.. Thankfully, the cleaning in this article has nothing to do with laundry and dishes. The kettlebell clean is a foundation movement for the clean & jerk (aka, “long cycle”) and the jerk in kettlebell sport. Cleans are also a pretty darn good workout all on their own!

Portable Kettlebell Pendulum Swing

Pendulum swing

The pendulum swing, with its slow & steady pace, is the marathoner of kettlebell swings. It might also be the CrossFit athlete of swings since it’s one of the most efficient when lifting massive weight over long periods. It’s a swing technique commonly used in the clean and snatch movements in kettlebell sport.