Workout | Kettlebell Burn

CAUTION: Be sure to consult your health care provider before beginning any new exercise or workout program. The guidance in this article and accompanying video are not meant to replace real-life, in-person training with a certified kettlebell coach.  Improper technique can cause injury in any form of movement, so use caution!

If you have any doubt about your technique, find a certified kettlebell coach! 

Let’s Workout!

Run through this one with a light bell to warm up, then repeat it 2-3 more times with a heavier bell (if you have multiple bells) for a quick, full-body toning, cardio workout!

(workout starts at 1:31)

The Moves:

Deadlift x5
2-arm Swing x5
1-arm Swing x5
Alternating Swings x10 total
Cleans x5
Press x5
Thrusters x5
~60 second break (optional!)
Lat pull over x10
Sit-up x10
Sit-up + Press x10
“Turkish Pieces”
Floor Press x5
Side Roll-up x5
Hip Bridge x5
~60 second break (optional!)

*Reps are for each arm unless otherwise noted*

If your bell is the perfect weight for swings and 2-arm moves, but too heavy to hold overhead with one arm for more than a few seconds, use a lighter dumbbell or gallon jug full of water through the Turkish Pieces segment.

If you have questions or feedback, post them in the comments or email me at

Happy Lifting!

Coach Jen